Job Description :

A UI/UX designer studies different forms of customer feedback and uses it to find ways to increase satisfaction within a digital product. The information discovered during that process is used to create a rough layout of a website or application (often called a wireframe or workflow diagram), which can then be used by developers to streamline the design elements so they are more user-friendly. – Performing user testing with the product in question – Creating and implementing surveys for direct customer feedback – Creating storyboards to reflect a typical customer – Analyzing usage data and traffic patterns – Conducting A/B tests to measure customer response – Reviewing competitors- products for additional insights – Making style guides to define UI elements – Sketching ideas and designs – Creating wireframes to guide developers and visual designers – Prototyping products for user testing – Communicating with clients and other stakeholders. – Please give the link for your portfolio or previous work. – Having exp in designing mobile app and web apps(Websites). – Knowledge to HTML conversion from the PSD design.



Preferred Location : Bangalore


Job Requirements :

2 to 6 Yrs|jquery |photoshop |adobe |language |html |css | text | markup | hyper


Salary Offered :

Rs 2.5 – 5 Lakh/Yr

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