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Job Introduction: The PM shall be accessible and responsive to the CO or COR on all matters related to the performance of this contract hours per day, seven (7) days per week. Manage all Security related issues at all the time which also include after hour situations/7. Role Responsibility: PM is expected to be active and alert on his duty and perform with utmost efficiency, PM is expected to represent the G4S Secure Solutions W.L.L., Bahrain and the  Embassy to the highest level of professionalism at all times on and off duty. Overall Supervision of the entire Guard Force that provides security and protection to all the  Mission facilities, Residences of the Embassy Employees including Chief of the Mission. Oversee- Supervise Training Program to ensure effectiveness and Contract compliance. Manage all Security related issues at all the time which also include after hour situations/7. Oversees the formulation of plans, operational procedure and duties accordingly to the  Embassy’s needs under the scope of this contract assuring maintenance of quality services and leaves of effort in full compliance with the contract. Assures the fulfilment of all contract obligations, including the delivery, maintenance, inventory and administration of all equipment, material and supplies as provided for in the contract and by company policy. Solves problems at the local level; otherwise, reports to the Managing Board and appropriate  Embassy officers regarding any administrative or technical issue which may need management assistance and /or decision making. Participates in budget preparation and reviews cost reports to assure expenditures remain within budget. Assures proper contract control by a system of checks and balances through the implementation of policies and procedures, programs, schedules, audits, inspections and fulfilling report requirements. Assures fair treatment of employees and provides opportunities for advancement and promotions. Delegates authority within the organizational structure to the lowest possible levels of technical competence yet maintains a high standard of performance. As contractor liaison, assures that services provided are consistent with the expectations/requirements of the  Embassy and with the terms of the contract. Regularly scheduled meetings with COR / RSO /ASO to ensure  Embassy satisfaction with Local Guard Force. Promote QHSE awareness and culture throughout the organization. Organize training related to health and safety matters as and when organized by the organization. Participate in the risk assessment activity and identify the health and safety hazards. Performing additional duties as needed and requested by the RSO and ARSO’s such as Emergencies, Special events, Marine Ball,  Independence Day,  Week Celebration and A&E Services. The Ideal Candidate: Have an English Speaking/Reading Skill Level S4/R4 Able to use a computer including all common office management tools (e.g. Microsoft Office); Must have a minimum of ten years police, similar military or security, or local guard force management experience with a minimum of 5 years of the guard work experience being at supervisory or command levels. Be expert in all areas of physical security and access control. Must understand operational methods of all guard force units and zones for response and maintain a professional demeanour under highly stressful circumstances Be experienced in basic communications and radio use/procedures Be a licensed driver in Bahrain or have GCC driving license.


Company Name : G4S

Preferred Location : Bahrain


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