Job Description :

–  Utilize data to understand driver churn, driver earnings, driver sentiment, driver behavior and focus on improving these metrics. – Come up with innovative ways to keep driver base engaged so as to have their loyalty. –  Manage driver relationships, identify & take on problem areas for drivers, and continuously improve the driver experience on the Uber platform. – Look at ways to improve the experience of a driver. Make them feel heard and valued. – A key cog towards excellent customer service is well trained drivers. We are looking at ways to improve our current driver training process. – Scale new and existing processes to make it more driver friendly focusing on creating a world class experience 1+yrs of experience in a large business, or of growing a startup and sound business judgment through strong analytical thinking – Uber is committed to constant improvement. Youre excited to help create a product with value – you are interested in all things and can build up skills and knowledge very fast to become a recognized subject matter expert amongst your peers – We need someone sharp and eager to play with different models to help us scale –  Everywhere you go, you cant help but mobilize people, build things, resolve problems, get into the details, go above and beyond, and draw out the best in people. You are a doer and motivator of others – We would like someone who can think from the shoes of a driver and make decisions keeping driver’s perspective in the forefront is a big plus


Company Name : UBER

Preferred Location : Bengaluru


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