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Strong skills in Optics, Opto-Electronics and Illumination Optics Design and Development of backlight systems (both CCFL & LED) for LCD displays Good understanding of photometric & colorimetric quantities and measurements Knowledge of equipments like spectrometer, Luminance meter and Lux meter etc Knowledge of Optical components like Filters, Reflectors, Lens , Collimating Films, Diffusers, Anti-reflection etc. Knowledge in optical modeling / ray tracing software tools- Zemax, TracePro & LightTools Knowledge in designing LED based lighting systems preferably for LCD backlight applications (Criteria for selection of LEDs in terms of Chromaticity coordinates, CCT, Luminous Intensity/Lumen, Power consumption, thermal stability, Criteria for selection of Optical films for light management, Edge Lighting scheme Vs Direct Lighting scheme, Design Calculations to support the implementation )


Company Name : Spectrum Talent Management

Preferred Location : Delhi


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