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The Logistics and Warehouse specialist is responsible for all aspects of warehouse, packaging, and shipping functions including the receiving, storing, handling, shipping, and preparing of product for customer delivery while maintaining the warehouse in a safe and orderly fashion. Our fulfillment department is where our orders come to life, and where we begin the process of delighting our customers by packing and shipping the items they’ve ordered. In this job, you will work with company supply chains to make sure that inventory is on the route, on shelves and well-stocked. You record keep for materials. You will follow the brand guidelines for packaging and collaborate with the courier company to ship the orders. Our ideal candidate will have previous experience in an inventory, packaging and/or shipping department and has strengths related to organization, multitasking, attention to detail, and customer service. A positive personality is also a must.   RESPONSIBILITIES Inventory: Receives material coming into the building by vendors, customers, or other warehouses accurately and promptly. Verifies the quantity and description of materials received by checking merchandise against the packing list. Prepares a receiving report if none is available. Examine incoming shipments, reject damaged items. Appropriately report/record any discrepancies. To accurately place materials on shelves, in racks or other designated storage areas in an orderly manner. Enter quantity received against the purchase order in the computer system and print back order and inventory stock put away list. Attach identifying tag or labels to materials or marks information on packages Safely operate all the necessary equipment in work area. To accurately identify and count stock materials Report supply needs and/or equipment breakdowns to management. Shipping : Assembles and fills orders to be shipped to customers. Preparation of all shipping documentation. Review all orders to determine if they were picked correctly. Prepare orders for shipment in accordance with customer requirements Ship in accordance with packaging guidelines and accepted methods/ practices Working with third party shipping vendors such as; Aramex, Fedex, DHL..etc Customs documentation and processing Process and authorize returns Packaging : Package in accordance with packaging guidelines and accepted methods and practices Monitor packaging material supplies and notify the manager when materials get to the restocking point Maintenance : Perform housekeeping duties in areas assigned Support proactive safety environment with emphasis in good housekeeping techniques Ensure warehouse/equipment is maintained on a regular basis. Perform other duties as assigned  


Company Name : Se.Ma

Preferred Location : Riyadh


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