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For more than a century,LOralhas devoted itself solely to one business: is a business rich in meaning, as it enables all individuals to express their personalities, gain self-confidence and open up to others. From make-up to hair color, from hair care to skincare and fragrances, our products magnify, beautify, soothe, moisturize, strengthen, rejuvenate… Regardless of a persons age, origin or personality, above all and before all, they enable her or him to care for what is certainly most precious to each man and each woman and most fragile: the face, the skin, the body in a word:caring for research budget reached millionin, which represents 3.1% of the last years, our Research budget has increased more rapidly than the Groups e than patentswere registered workforce consists of employees, representing aboutsixty nationalitiesandthirty different scientific backgrounds(chemistry, physics, biology, dermatology, optics, rheology, IT, statistics, analysis, etc.).MISSIONFormulation bench work and run all the basic development tasks: stability, quality and specifications verification, basic analytical methods, tinuously develops expertise, gather new knowledge, and researches new technologiesSelf-driven, dynamic, team player, able to work proactively and able to propose, take initiatives WHO ARE YOU?1 to 2 years experience in formulation, preferably from the cosmetic, pharma or food industry,Educated in Chemistry, Pharma, Cosmetics, or physical chemistry; Master levelSelf-driven, dynamic, team player, able to work proactively and able to propose, take initiatives


Company Name : Loreal

Preferred Location : India


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