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This position will support in contracts and documentation activities for the engineered products including the operations related IT / windchill operations. Preferences Store, manage and track company documents/drawings of suppliers till it is reaching Code-1 Approval.  Scan, image, organize and maintain documents, adhering to the company\us document lifecycle procedures. Receive and process  \uRequests for Information (RFI)\u, from buyers or customers and maintain the requests via tracking logs.  Help project managers develop and maintain documents such as meeting minutes, drawings, specifications, approvals and related items. Periodically train suppliers on records management procedures and policies, which include documentation, retention, retrieval, destruction and disaster recovery. Assist with file migrations and audits, and perform administrative tasks as needed. Travel to supplier places, follow up for document submission and getting the resolution sheets.  Work for standardization of basic documents and customization of cover sheets. etc . Close follow up with internal / external customers for early approvals. Review the pattern of comments and refine the document quality and improve the 1st pass. Work with suppliers / customer to reduce the document turnaround time. Share the monthly and week updates on due and overdue document list and associated mitigation plans. Position Requirements Fresh Graduate Mechanical Engineer with sound fundamental knowledge and proficiency/knowledge in system, documentation activities.


Company Name : Flowserve Corporation

Preferred Location : India


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