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Have the technical chops to roll up sleeves and provide technical leadership to major projects, build and manage a team of engineers Manage your business goals, contribute to product strategy and help develop your team create clear career paths for team members and help them grow with regular & deep mentoring. Perform regular performance evaluation and share and seek feedback Operate with scale and speed amidst flux, there is just a LOT happening. Our world-class software engineers are just getting started and as a manager, you guide the way. You are their default mentor Work closely with Product Management, Business Development and Operations team and enable them by providing scalable and high quality technology solutions at a rapid pace Setup best practices for development and champion their adoption and at the same time architect & design technically robust, flexible and scalable solutions Work with designers, business analysts, and product managers to estimate and plan projects in an Agile environment Perform well in uncertainties and collaborate and work with unclear interfaces to other teams in our rapidly evolving organizations]]>


Company Name : Spectrum Talent Management

Preferred Location : Delhi


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